We develop biotechnological effluent treatment solutions for businesses, such as urinals, drains, septic tanks and grease traps in restaurants, bars, bakeries, meals companies, hotels, offices and shopping centers, as well as business buildings and condominiums.


Grease boxes cause several inconveniences for commercial enterprises, such as odor, clogging, overflows and proliferation of insects, in addition to high maintenance costs. SUPERBAC uses biotechnology to treat and restore the functionality of grease traps and reduce the accumulation of fat and organic material.

The solution created by SUPERBAC consists of solid blocks that have a highly concentrated and specialized blend of microorganisms in the degradation of grease accumulated in the system. This exclusive technology, in addition to being highly effective, is self-dosing, which ensures ease and practicality for commercial establishments.


Biotechnology for treatment and recovery of functionality in septic tanks providing reduction of organic material.

SUPERBAC solutions for biological treatment of tanks have as main objectives to increase system efficiency and reduce operating costs. Through the application of solid blocks, which do not require daily product dosing procedures, microorganisms are released into the tank, accelerating the degradation process of sanitary waste.


Specific solutions for the treatment of the entire hydraulic network for the disposal of effluents in building installations, eliminating odors and preventing clogs.

Odors, clogs and overflows are predominantly caused by the accumulation of grease and/or sanitary waste in the pipeline. When attached to the walls of the pipe, this organic material generates incrustation and the consequence is the operational problems described above. We provide an exclusive technology that releases microorganisms continuously, preventing clogs and eliminating odor. The product can be used, on average, in 10,000 liters of water.

* Effluent temperature can reduce product life.


SUPERBAC offers the only self-dosing biotechnological solution (with no need for metering pumps) for the treatment of urinals, with the function of reducing odors and preventing clogging.

Blockages and odors are recurring problems in urinals, due to urea incrustation in the pipe. We offer the only self-dosing biotechnological solution (with no need for metering pumps) for the treatment of urinals. The tablet, applied directly to the urinal, releases microorganisms continuously for urea degradation. The use of the SUPERBAC solution eliminates the need to apply odor control chemicals, as well as equipment for unclogging the pipe.


Eliminates odors

Prevent clogs

High dosage

Does not use electricity

Reduces operating costs