The SMARTGRAN biological soil conditioner features the exclusive SMARTBAC technology, SUPERBAC’s intelligent bacteria.

It is a high-quality organic compound, which brings all the benefits of organic matter combined with a synergistic blend of intelligent bacteria that act in the soil, increasing its biological activity and improving its agronomic quality.

The proof of this is the greater presence in the soil of the enzymes Arylsulfatase, Acid Phosphatase and Beta-glucosidase.

N Total minimum: 2%
P2O5 Total minimum: 2%
Minimum water-soluble K2O: 2%
Maximum humidity: 12%
Minimum Total Organic Carbon: 20%
CTC (Cationic Exchange Capacity): minimum 200 mmol/Kg
PH: 7
CRA (Water Retention Capacity): minimum 60%
Bacterial count (Bacillus spp.): minimum 1.0 X 10^7 CFU/g