Biotechnology Solutions

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Biofertilizers and biotechnological additives that contribute to increasing agricultural productivity and, consequently, reducing the use of agrochemicals. These products are meant to fertilize soils covered with large crops.

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Biotechnological consortia formulated to treat industrial and domestic effluents. Customized solutions to degrade organic waste in grease traps, septic tanks, drains and pipelines.

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Oil & Gas

Dedicated solutions for the Petroleum and Mining industries. A wide portfolio to treat, in a modular and customized manner, hydrocarbon waste (oils and greases) and production water, promoting bioremediation in contaminated areas.

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Process Technology

Customization of biotechnological projects for industrial processes meant to reduce environmental liabilities, perform specific cleaning and fulfill highly complex demands.

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Consumer Goods

Upon a demand, development of biotechnological products for cleaning and eliminating odors to be included in the product portfolio of consumer goods companies.

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